Fast-Food (QSR)

Fast-Food, Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR), are almost uniquely poised to offer enhanced value to their customers.  Unfortunately, in reality for most Brands and Operators, sales staff in this industry is typically under paid and under motivated thus having no incentive to push extra offers, introduce new menu items, promote limited time offers and drive up sales.


Bravo’s cash register Point-of-Sale solution enables fast-food chains to further increase their profits.
Bravo offers customers the best possible items that are missing from or complementary to their order. 
At the cash register in a fast-food restaurant, a customer’s just placed order is analyzed by Bravo’s software. 
Additional “best fit” items are promoted on a customer-facing cash register LCD screen in an attempt to up-sell their order.
In addition, a smaller cashier facing screen informs the cashier on the up-sell item offers and instructs him (or her) on display to verbally repeat that offer to the customer.

Bravo’s solution works because 70% of all buying decisions in this environment are impulse buys.  Also, sales staff in this industry is typically underpaid and unmotivated. 
With Bravo’s solution, a restaurant customer that orders a burger might be shown some great options to customize the burger, and when ordering fries and Coke®, the customer might be shown options for salads, desserts, meal upgrade or new menu items next to their existing order.
By analyzing real time data from the POS, Bravo enables QSR to positively impact customers’ purchasing decisions by delivering meaningful-valuable contents at the right time and at the right place.

Bravo’s solution also allows for the collecting of important customer data to see which product combinations and up-sell offers work best. 
Management is also able to see which employees are the best performers from statistics that are taken at the cash register.


Bravo’s software solution can interface with any electronic cash register (hardware and software), operating system and communications protocol (RS-232, RJ45, Bluetooth, etc.)
Bravo is completely scalable and can run its solution at thousands of locations creating the ultimate scalable up selling solution.

The Drive Through

Industry standard for QSR business volume at the Drive Through is typically estimated at 65%-70%.
Most Drive Through greets customers on an OCU (Order Confirmation Unit) that includes a speaker and a microphone.
These unsophisticated units are cause for much delay and aggravation for customer and service people alike as the poor quality of equipment often causes misunderstandings between the parties.
Because Drive Through performance is a critical mission, vendors offer various upgrades to POS equipment that are supposed to optimize the flow of customers on the restaurant side, on the Drive Through designated POS.
Bravo has a different, fresh and out of the box approach that fits most OCUs and is called "The Bravo OCU Conversion"; a smart, easy, budget conscious, speaker OCU into screen & speaker OCU conversion.
The conversion includes installation of  a unique, durable extreme weather \ water resistant \ high brightness \ long life \ robust \ shatter proof military grade up selling display that is fully compatibility with most popular speaker only OCU (Texas Digital, Delphi).

The outcome is an advanced Display & Speaker OCU that is capable of up selling the customer as well as simplifying and optimizing any single purchase as well as the entire drive through traffic flow:

  • Longer up selling duration than at indoor POS – increases sales!
  • Yet still much more efficient order process thanks to visual enhancement and clear, legible, visual indication of items ordered – increase income due to quicker over all transactions, increased flow of customers and much elevated customer satisfaction!