Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Bravo's unique CRM software and middleware solution is designed to capture customer's attention, shortens perceived service time and lifts sales of promoted items and services (and displays various communications, promotions and other visual and video contents).

Installed on hundreds of service and sales centers for over three years, the result has been indeed a shorter service time per customer and a dramatic lift in sales of communicated items.

The communications are displayed on a Dual Screen or dual screen device where the customer and customer service agent, sales representative, etc. can see similar or the same content (with additional control features available to the sales agent).  Bravo’s solution captures the customer's attention at designated time slots during the interaction with the service or sales agent.

We may also provide our customers with important statistics and data on their operations that can guide them towards improvement and better understanding their products and services.  The data can be reviewed with management to improve the results of Bravo’s solution.

Our Dual Screen application is the most advanced and sophisticated aggregate solution to a multi interface single display broadcasting customer facing information sourced from many internal systems.

On current applications, Bravo CRM solution is integrated with billings systems (such as Amdocs), CRM and inventory (SAP) computerized Queue system and Digital Signature.

The application is installed on a service agent's computer and needs only an upgrade to a dual head VGA card and, of course, a customer facing second LCD screen.