Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution

For business requiring longer and more involved sales, where more than an impulse buy up-sell solution is called for, Bravo has developed its state-of-the-art CRM solution. 
Bravo’s CRM solution is typically used in situations where the time spent with the customer is longer and the number of options for products and/or services is high.  Our solution synchronizes the sales process between the service agent and the customer on back-to-back dual screen LCD’s.

A good example of our technology in action is the service process in a mobile phone store. 
From the time a customer logs on to a computerized queue system or walks up to the service agent and gives them their mobile phone number, our software analyzes the customer’s profile. 
While the agent is listening to the purpose of the customer's visit and pulling up the customer’s account, Bravo’s software is showing the customer personally targeted communications, ads and promotions that are based on their unique customer profile (purchase history, current mobile phone services package and phone model).
Bravo's customer specific broadcast continues while the service agent is attending to the customer needs even if the agent needs to leave their post.
The display keeps the customer occupied, entertained, informed and up to date on information relevant to them.

When sitting frontally with a service agent, at each point of a sales process, whether the customer is looking for additional services, a new phone, accessories or even repairs, Bravo’s software is making purchase suggestions to the customer as they are taken through the sales process.  In addition, Bravo’s software interfaces into a company’s inventory system. 
The result is that choices can be offered based on existing inventory. 
This reduces the overwhelming choices a customer has to make, leading to a faster, less confusing sales process. 
The outcome is a much higher likelihood of a sale.
The service agent may also assume control of the customer facing screen and display service package details, contracts and agreements, phones and accessories and important data from the company's website.

Bravo’s CRM solution has resulted in:

A dramatic lift in sales on promoted items.
A shorter perceived transaction time by customers.
A shorter transaction time per customer.
A better defined and more consistent sales process.
The ability to gather customer data and get feedback on employee performance
Improved customer satisfaction.