Outdoor – Drive Through Order Confirmation Units (OCU)

Bravo's Drive through hardware solution enables QSR to convert most popular speaker only Order Confirmation Units (OCU) into advanced display and speaker OCUs capable of up selling the customers at the drive through and improve the flow of customers in this mission critical area.
Bravo features:

  • Durable extreme weather \ water resistant \ high brightness \ long life \ shatter proof military grade display.
  • Full compatibility with most popular speaker only OCU (Texas Digital, Delphi)
  • Easy, budget conscious, speaker OCU into screen & speaker OCU conversion.
  • Up selling at the OCU:
  • Longer duration than at POS – increases sales
  • Yet still much more efficient order process thanks to visual enhancement and clear, legible, visual indication of items ordered – increase income due to quicker over all transactions.

Our Drive Through systems eco our indoor, on the counter POS solution:

  • Clever Dual Screen design – a customer facing screen installed out door on the drive through OCU and a smaller cashier facing screen installed on the drive through order taking POS in the restaurant.
  • Displays description:
  • The main display alternates between up selling on transactions and rotating items. Rotating items are visuals (images or video) and communications of selected dishes and promotions that are displayed in a loop whenever the cash is idle between transactions or when the cash register is closed.
  • When the main screen displays rotating items, the secondary screen flashes: "register ready"
  • When the main screen displays a transaction the secondary flashes wait for 1st up sell" and then reflects and repeats each up sell with instructions to staff on what is displayed to the customer and what to endorse.
  • The display begins in idle mode than goes to transaction mode.