Indoor, on the counter , POS units

Bravo takes great pride with our proprietary Dual Screen indoor, on the counter POS system.
Designed in-house by Bravo's design & Engineering Team our Dual Screen up selling POS unit is a ground breaking sales enhancing tool, always ready for action.
With clean-sharp looks augmented by industrial-grade, robust parts, Bravo's Dual Screen systems lend an appealing sophisticated look to any QSR.

Bravo’s POS units can interface with any electronic cash register (hardware and software), operating system and communications protocol (RS-232, RJ45, Bluetooth, etc.)  Operators do not need to replace, alter or upgrade their POS in any way to deploy Bravo and start lifting sales!

Our proprietary Dual Screen POS unit includes:

  1. Main, customer facing Panel PC display
  2. Secondary, cashier \ staff facing small screen.

Main display positively impact customers’ purchasing decisions by delivering meaningful-valuable contents to the customer at the right time and at the right place.
The second cashier display "reacts" to the communications displayed on the main customer facing screen with clear visual instructions for the staff to act, verbally repeat and support the up selling offers.
Staff is thus always aware of what up sells are offered to the customer.
Staff is clearly instructed to endorse up sells to customers and to support, increase and enhance sales.
To simplify and facilitate staff performance, they do not need to match the correct up sell or complimenting items for any client – Bravo's software cleverly does that for them.
Up sells, new menu items, limited time offers (LTOs)and other specials are not over looked or forgotten, items of particular interest may pushed and promoted more than others.
Bravo's system is completely configurable at any time.
Updates and new items easily placed on program.
Up sell optimization a part of our promise.

Displays description:
The main display alternates between transactions and rotating items. Rotating items are visuals (images or video) and communications of selected dishes and promotions that are displayed in a loop whenever the cash is idle between transactions or when the cash register is closed.
When the main screen displays rotating items, the secondary screen flashes: "register ready"
When the main screen displays a transaction the secondary flashes wait for 1st up sell" and then reflects and repeats each up sell with instructions to staff on what is displayed to the customer and what to endorse.
The display begins in idle mode than goes to transaction mode.
Bravo's chassis is proprietary and uniquely designed in-house by Bravo's Design & Engineering Team.
With Heavy duty components, high resolution high nit screen the unit is a Panel PC design with every aspect thought of down to wire slots, protective glass and 5 year configuration freeze for longevity and parts supply.