Welcome to the iEat world

iEat, the next step forward in Bravo's Drive Through management and up selling solutions, is a centrally controlled, cloud based personal streaming drive through management system.

On demand during opening hours, iEat features top quality dedicated, efficient, professional personal service agents working to optimize and increase customers flow, improve customer satisfaction and super- size revenue.

iEat replaces the audio communications device, with an in house service agent currently working the drive though post, with a video conference top notch experience; A customer approaching a screen equipped OCU will be personally greeted by a well-trained service professional located in a remote site.

iEat Generates:
  • A ground breaking user - customer experience
  • Better quality service
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Quicker transactions
  • Optimized customer flow
  • Increased customer transactions
  • Super-sized revenue