Years of investment and research in technology, creative thinking and innovation, vast experience in complex visual communications software and many successful installations result in our unique, leading, sales lifting and CRM applications.
Software development lies at the core of our business.
Developing management software for visual (and audio) communications drives our business for almost a decade.
Our dedicated, focused specialty is developing and managing software that lifts sales at the Point of Sale (POS) in Quick Serve Restaurants (QSRs).
Our second mission is our Client Relationship Management (CRM) software and middleware solution
When asked, most POS companies tend to address questions such as" do you have an up selling feature" with a "yes".
In reality, they don't and if some of them do have a patch addressing growing customer inquiries on how to use the POS to actually generate sales, well, it's a patch.
POS companies core business are their POS. They take costly measures to let customers know how their POS differs from the competition's and why it's so unique.
Managing visual communications interfaced into the POS is out of their scope. It is not their specialty and out of their business, maintenance and support programs.
In addition, a POS company sales lifting solution, if there is any, is unique only to that company's products and will not work on other brand POS.
In most cases, sales lifting applications by POS manufacturers may exist only in their future plans.

It takes special craftsmanship, knowhow and development focus to offer Bravo's POS and CRM solutions. Bravo has that craftsmanship, experience, knowhow, solid business and support models and even the specific hardware (our dual screen systems) to deploy sales lifting POS solutions the work.
We are THE experts on interfacing into any POS, completely platform agnostic, and have mastered reacting to POS data to lift sales by our proprietary Decision Making Algorithm to the highest order.
This is Bravo's competitive advantage and we are proud of it.