Bravo Communications is an innovative Point-of-Sale (POS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software company. Established in 1999, Bravo has vast experience with proprietary digital-visual communications software with thousands of active installations around the world. 

Bravo POS solution offers customers the best possible items that are missing from or complementary to their order thus increasing Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) revenue and profits: at the checkout cash register (POS) or at the order unit at the drive through in a QSR, a customer’s just placed order is analyzed by Bravo’s software.  An additional “best fit” item is promoted on a customer-facing cash register LCD screen in an attempt to up-sell their order. An additional cashier facing screen visually instructs the cashier to support verbally the offers on the main customer display. This triggers great customer action: the result of this suggestive up-sell in QSR is typically a measured lift in average check of 4%- 5%.

Bravo's software is proprietary and Patent Pending.

Bravo has a platform agnostic middleware solution that will interface into any electronic cash register (hardware and software), operating system and communications protocol.

In business with involved sales processes, such as in mobile phone stores, Bravo’s CRM solution can take the customer through the entire purchase and selection process as well as coordinate selections with a company’s inventory system.